Exhibit at the Cotrutza Gallery July 2011

Decorative Paintings on Rotating Tubes
3″ dia X 30″ h
acrylic paint, paint markers, mixed media
on hardboard cylinders, installed battery operated motors
Sale Price: $ 575 ea.

Special orders taken for desired themes, colors, scenes and number of tubes.

These rotating tubes are painted in acrylic colors and mixed media, in different themes and color schemes, running on an electrical motor installed in the top end, and spinning slowly showing the art in an unique way, as an UN-ending painting. They are hung from the ceiling with a fish line and that gives an invisible cutting edge as well as an enigmatic idea that gives the viewer curiosity and intrigue.

It is a great conversation starter.

Tubes as presented in the Cotrutza Gallery in July 2011 Exhibit

Painted tubes in rotating mode

Rotating cylinders

Working on the tubes
The creation of the U-Tubes