Un-Rooted, Leaving All

Un-rooted Leaving all

Leaving all
Leaving my loved ones
All my friends
My home, my town, my mother country
Giving up everything
Plucking out my roots
Some tear, lost elasticity, broke
Forced to renounce citizenship
Give up even my birth rights
Left with nothing
Giving up everything
Month of may, should have been spring, but
Still a last snow fall, trees still bear white with snow
Walking in high heels sandals in the snow
All my belongings gave to others
Kept just the least I was allowed to take with me
No foreign currency was I allowed to carry, fearful of being caught
Or being thrown in jail
Our secretly hidden $60 dollars, divided in 2
Husband in quite secret plotted with shoe maker neighbor to hide the dollars into the shoe sole
Meantime wife made a tiny package wrapped in plastic foil and hid inside her body
Fearful passing through Airport Security
Leaving the native land with great anxiety
Little ones held tight in comforting arms
Anybody could stop us for who knows what reason
Here we are flying towards the unknownHow is to bee free, I wonder???

Couldn’t smile yet

High up in the air, but fearful (still) of being turned back

Destination Italy, transition period before flying to

Future adoptive country