The Butterfly

The Butterfly


Romanian summer
Welcome much waited vacation
Rushing trip to our big city,
yearning to get into swimming pools,
acquiring darker skin,
looking wilder, so popular at 17
visiting relatives,
too much to talk about, reconnecting
let’s go to city swimming pools,
on campus,
where all the hot guys and gals hang around!

Cousin, what are you waiting for, here I am

Swimming suit – check
Blanket to lay in the sun – check
Not much to check in, but lots to check out!
Oh, how many butterflies fluttered in our tummies,
both secretly planning
hunting for love…

My 17 year old penetrating eyes
Fierce, bold, with girly dreams passing by…
Tanning, laying in the warm summer sun…
Both cousin and me
looking around, knowing
we are aiming for the same gender.
His secret had to stay,
to boil,
to hide,
to burst out of his handsome body, azure eyes.
This image of laying down,
talking about looks of young happy souls,
bathing in summer’s sun,
playing in waters, being loud, laughing easily,
an image never forgotten.

We were so different
But still had something in common:
both were hunters,
hunters of men.

there was something different
Our great summer vacation ended
in that hot part of the country
I went home free to be who I was
He was punished for being who he was.

Years in prison,
I’ve heard,
reporting spies,
without hearts,
laws of the land made by cruel hypocrites

Imprisoned innocence
The innocence of being