Shattered by a Dictator

Shattered by a dictator

Shattered by a Dictator

Spring time

I’m craving for fresh fruit

expecting and craving

Oh, strawberries!

huge line

5-6 people abreast

around the building long line

a crowd






Can’t wait

almost fainting

people yelling at me

just want to be closer to the front!

“I’m pregnant, can’t you see?


You’re supposed to let me cut in front!

Unwritten law, don’t you know that?”

They scream, humiliating, shaming me

Nice older man calls me in front, gives me his turn…

”How many do you want?”

Joy in my heart, joy in my empty stomach

Oh, my poor baby

mama’s gonna’ give you

fresh, juicy strawberries

What a life!

Just seems that it revolves around happy moments like this

when like hunters, we’ve just got our prey

even if that prey is only flower, eggs, butter, meat…

On a street in the center of the city

a crowded line forms again

hundreds of people…

running desperately to join

“…they are going to sell sour cream and whip cream…

at least it’s what I’ve heard!”

the store isn’t even opened yet

but the word spreads fast

small city, desperate

I’m almost there

can’t wait anymore

the anticipation is overwhelming

I’m next…

the sales person yelling as loud as she can:

“We’re sold out”

Oh, no!!


Oh, my God

I can’t breath

feeling sick

We all spread out



saying silent curses at the store

to the regime that is starving its own people

go home

Turn on the news

Praises to the dictator:

“All our love to this beloved son of our nation”

He is worshiped with kind words of flattery

We hear…

Dictator is smiling content with himself