Memories from my youth in Communism

Everybody has their own experiences and memories of living in Communist Romania. These are only mine from my own point of view and my perspective regarding that period of time, in the 70


Imagination at it’s superlative

makes me feel free

Reading for school projects

reading for the curiosity of discovering

whatever new I could

finding what is about in other worlds, cultures, languages…



classrooms with naked walls

dressed only with portraits

 the communist dictator in front

three fathers of socialism

Marx, Engels, Lenin on side walls


We look the same


lack of smiles from the “Comrade professor” teachers

not all of them, there were exceptions

tried to have as much fun as those conditions allowed


Grey, black and white posters

panels with slogans everywhere

concrete block apartments built all around

neighborhoods like cities

only with block apartments

sometimes you feel lost in a maze…

all of them look the same




going to marches

greeting officials

obligatory parades

fanfare music

patriotic songs

all poetry

“plays:” communist avant-guard…

I don’t belonging here

I want to see other worlds

I can’t

nobody can exit

courageous people risk lives

swim the Danube to free themselves

flee to neighboring better places

we are chained

cuffed to stay forever here


The more I am not allowed to leave

The more I want to





Pioneers, young communists


Having been indoctrinated

since kindergarten…’til high school

being trapped into becoming

members of the communist party


Pictures of Dictator Ceausescu everywhere

front page of every newspaper

school manuals

church bulletins, magazines

all praising





painting his portrait,

carving his image into marble, wood, stone…

“Comrade President Nicolae Ceausesu”, most loved son of the nation!!!!


Is he re-elected?

Everybody voted for him!

100% of the population!

but who was the rival party?

his rival contestant?

was he the only candidate?

How stupid do you think we are?

Food is scarce

We have rations

you are supposed to eat only so much a month

stores are empty

sales people just hang around selling nothing

just waiting

they are grumpy, we are grumpy

we don’t trust each other

people stay in




We don’t know what they are going to bring

but we stay… for everything

Whatever will be better then nothing

5:30 in the morning

freezing outside

long line and I’m shivering

with 2 empty bottles for milk

ready for an exchange of 2 fresh

full bottles for 2 little ones left alone at home…

If late, won’t find it anymore

I’ll be quick!

Mmmm, we have milk

Wherever seeing lines of people

More excitement and anticipation…

maybe we’ll get some salami

butter, eggs, meat…

Our garbage cans are empty

there is nothing to waste

nothing to discard

there is nothing