L'Eyes, by Claudia French (Cotrutza)


Oh, we have to gather in the streets again

Comrade Ceausescu’s visit

oh, please!

do we have to tie fake leaves to the trees?

Yes, they will look better

streets more colorful

glamorous for officials

otherwise we will be punished

who knows?

we are lifting our flags into the air

some carry a portrait of our dictator

others a portrait of his wife

made “research scientist” overnight!

We are screaming with all our strength

these slogans

like a choir of clowns


so many words

full of lies

saying how lucky we are to live in such a great country

under such a loving leader

most loved son of our nation

lies, lies everywhere

Spies, and lies

we are spied upon

ever since we apply for leaving the country

to reunite with our family living in the US

our phone conversations were taped

followed by agents

mail censored

friends become enemies

spying on each other

seeing eyes are everywhere

our house is broken into

can’t report it

To whom?

To them?

One TV channel…

1 foreign movie a week on Saturday night

great anticipation

all gathering to watch “Dallas”

all that great life in the Western country

We wanted to know more about…what it would be if…

wow, the Ewing’s, and that JR, oh, my!!!

No, come back here, don’t even think about it!

We are learning to lie

yes, we have to lie

2 radio stations

first is better then the second

lots of fanfare, military music

communist poetry

But at night we hide to listen under comforter’s camouflage

short wave stations coming from BBC

 or Free Europe

we might get some news from the free world

be careful

don’t say anything

They look suspicious

all are spies

listen to the TV programs, radio

read the newspapers, they are worshiping the dictator

Ceausescu…he is becoming a cult of his own

You don’t agree?

You’re dead!