Born in April 6th, 1956 in Brasov, (Transylvania) Romania, Cotrutza grew up a precocious youngster, with remarkable abilities in arts as a small child, taking private drawing tutoring with the Russian teacher Mrs. Berliba at only 7 years of age, when she first learned how to handle the water colors, and drawing in graphite. Amazing peers and teachers alike saw her quick pen, pencil and coloring ability to create clear concepts recognized by all.  Known as “Claudia Cotruta” (hereafter spelled “Cotrutza” as pronounced in Romanian) by all who knew her since student days, this quick study raced through her schooling and was accepted into the Arts Academy in Brasov (writing some poetry, singing Jazz with students band), and being a showing student artist.

While attending the Arts Academy, Cotrutza studied artistic drawing, painting, sketching, tapestry, textile, composition, sculpture, aesthetics, manual drafting, history of art, and  became also the “voice” of the Brasov Symphony concerts due to her great diction and ability to MC the orchestra during the concerts for a few season, finishing her Bachelor degree in textile and tapestry.  Her dream was to go study further the arts and attend the Arts University, but have never materialized.

While working at different companies, Cotrutza was also painting political panoramas, and signs.  However, she managed to get herself with some of her piers, and learned some the restoration of icons and other mural paintings.  All the while, as with all her fellow artist, she was painting and creating tapestries in all the cutting edge styles along with executing quite a number of studies in charcoal, portraits and compositions in Romanian society.  She showed her paintings in Group exhibits in the city of Brasov, Transylvania, in those years lived in the Communist Regime.

It was not long after her brief professional beginnings in Romania that Cotrutza’s parents were granted visas to leave Romania for the U. S. as the Communist government was desperately trying to hold itself together.  Cotrutza followed them shortly (after 3 years) moving to the Los Angeles area.  Sadly, all Cotrutza’s works were seized at her leaving.

In Cotrutza’s new California environment, she became involved in the fashion world, representing the major designers for Spanish owned Harris Department Stores.  After some years, Cotrutza left the world of runways and fashion shows to study computer aided design.  Cotrutza embarked upon a series of paintings, portraits, collages, and icons while supporting herself as a designer for architects and engineers alike.

Cotrutza’s works can be seen in private collections, they were showed since January of 2000, by the Studio Gallery in Irvine, and La Jolla by curator Antoinette, at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Pomona and at LA Art Walk, LA Art Walk June 2010, as well as in Cotrutza Gallery from August 2010.  Her icons, famous trees, oil paintings, collages, ink drawings, tubes, watercolors,  also enjoy popularity in South-land Churches and private collections from USA, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Spain, all the way to Istanbul.


The opening of her own “Cotrutza Gallery” in Downtown Los Angeles, in August of 2010 was a great venue for Cotrutza’s art work to be shown on a long term basis.

Now her works can be seen/purchased only by appointment out of her Studio in Banning, CA, or online on her website.


Cotrutza Gallery              

Corona, CA                                  Tel: Claudia 909-534-5400 or James 909-534-9801